Tuesday, 6 September 2016

September Goals

Now that a new season has swung back around. The best season, may I add. I thought it would be nice to document my goals for the month ahead. I like to do this every month. Sometimes I stick to my goals, other times not so much. But they are nice to have regardless. I've been sticking to them quite well the last few months so thought why not document them for the world to judge and ridicule. 

Hey, what can I say, I lead a basic life, don't judge me. So here are 10 little things I plan on doing this month. Let's see how this goes, eh September? 

1. Read a New Book
It's been a while since I've sat down and enjoyed reading. I've been so busy lately I can't even remember the last book I actually read. This month, I'm going to make time for reading again, and I already can't wait to get lost in a good book. 

2. Take a Walk Through a Forest
Nothing screams the autumn time than wondering around in nature with the leaves crunching at your feet. I love to get outside and walk about. So I'm going to make time to go for a nice little walk somewhere with welly boots and trees. Fingers crossed for a good muddy puddle. I'm a kid at heart really. 

3. Bake a Pie
I love cooking and baking and I really need to make more time for this. I've always wanted to master a nice crusty pie. Sweet or savoury, who knows what I'll come up with. Maybe even both if I'm feeling adventurous. 

4. Buy a New Coat
The joy of coat season! I love nothing more than a nice coat. It's been a few years since I've invested in a good one. So hopefully this year I'll revamp my wardrobe and be cosy until spring. 

5. Explore a New Place in My City
Knowing I've roughly less than a year left living in beautiful Bath has made me realise how many places I've yet to discover. I'm trying to make a concious effort to make the most of my time I have here left. So exploring it is! 

6. Go to The Gym at Least 6 Times
I'm terrible I'll admit. I pay a fortune each month for a gym I hardly use. I need to focus more on my health and fitness. Baby steps they say, eh? I feel like this is an achievable goal. Even for me. Watch this space. 

7. Write Twenty New Articles
This one will be tough. With a new job, a couple of freelance projects taking off and going back to uni, it will be hard to fit in the time. But I love to write, it never feels like a chore, I just have to use my time wisely for this one. 

8. Get a New Piercing
I've been playing with the idea of a new piercing lately. From a few in my ears to body piercings. I haven't quite decided which route to go down. But a little treat for myself at the end of the month to lift my spirits shall be nice. Oh, I'm too good to myself! 

9. Take More Pictures
I love nothing more than capturing moments and reflecting back on memories. Yes it's nice to live in the moment but I'm going to make an effort to take more photographs this month. Even if they are just on my shitty cracked iPhone. 

10. Eat A Delicious Breakfast
I never eat breakfast. Well, does buckets of coffee count as breakfast? Nope, didn't think so. The weird thing is, I actually love breakfast. Croissants, eggs, cereal, pancakes. The lot. So I'm gonna try and have at least one nice and delicious breakfast to enjoy. My mouths watering just thinking about it. 

So there we go. They may be simple little things but I like making little goals for myself each month. I feel a weird sense of accomplishment when I actually do them. I'm excited for the month ahead. I've great things planned for you September. You best not disappoint! 



  1. it's been so long since i sat down and read a book as well actually, i really want to try and do so a lot more over winter! it's just finding the time isn't it...life doesn't stop for no-one haha!

    good luck with the rest of your goals, girl. especially the twenty articles one - you got this!!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

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